Install erpnext version 13

How to install erpnext version 13

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How to install ERPNext version 13

1. wget

2. sudo python3 --production --user frappe

3. export LC_ALL=C.UTF-8

4. sudo python3 --production --user frappe

5. bench switch-to-branch version-13-beta frappe erpnext --upgrade

**--Get a utils error, and run the below**

6. sudo npm cache clean -f

7. sudo npm install -g n

8. sudo n stable

9. find -type d -name node_modules -prune -exec rm -rf {} \;

10. bench update --requirements

11. bench switch-to-branch version-13-beta frappe erpnext --upgrade

12. bench update --patch --no-backup

13. bench update --build --no-backup

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