About Us


We was formed in 2014 to be the leader in delivering real value to businesses using six forces working together: Clear Values, Sharp Focus, Qualified Top Management, Quality International Software Solutions, Professional Staff and Long-term, Strong Financial Backing.

And we was Re-launch in 2019, Go-Live shifted from the individual company to a limited liability company, and added new solutions & services.

We provide implementation services for ERP and CRM products in addition to specialized solutions and services for different sectors. And have headquarters in Egypt and 2 offices covering the Middle East, North Africa. And have more than 25 industry-experts work relentlessly to put customers at the center of their technology journey.

We strongly adhere a policy of specialization, this led us to be the official partner for ERPNext. Which helped us gain a huge repertoire of a number of strong multinationals and leading regional.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the Leading Implementer of Business Solutions in the Middle East and building strong relationships with customers and partners by offering a trustful service with highest quality.


Our Mission

Our Mission is to rapidly increase your profitability by delivering reliable business solutions along with a comprehensive support by our professional team and our leading products. Our goal is to provide cost-effective, easy-to-use and secure software solutions for enterprises.

Company History




Go-Live Solutions an Official Partner for HR system


Go-Live Solutions an Official Partner for ERPNext Egypt


Transferring the company from an individual company to a limited liability company


The opening of the Riyadh branch, Saudi Arabia


Team members


Ahmed Hammadi

Technical Management - Section Head

Mohamed Atia

Project Management - Section Head

Mohamed Elanssary

ERP Consultant - Section Head

Mohamed Hamed

Sales Manager

Our Values

Values and culture define what a company really is. Values tell what is important,

and culture reinforces that important things get done. Values cannot exist without a culture that enforces them,

and neither can culture exist without a set of values an organization believes in.


Our most important value is excellence, the aspiration to do things that are outstanding. For this we believe in understanding our work deeply, finding innovative solutions, iterating till we find the perfect balance and delight, and rigorous training for all our team members. For us growth is an outcome of excellence, not the other way around.


We believe that we can accomplish more as a team than individuals. Great talent can create sparks of sustained brilliance, but it is never complete. Teamwork means understanding the people you interact with to achieve the team goal, spending time with them and learning to take subtle hints and clues from them, and ensuring you share the same culture.

Transparency and Honesty

Most of our source code is free for anyone to use, study, modify and redistribute, and our flagship product, ERPNext comes in just one free version. For our customers, our pricing and services are transparent on the website. Transparency leads to accountability and accountability leads to honesty.

First Principles

Just because there is a popular way to do things, we believe it is not always the best. Since our earliest days, we have written our own web framework, with distinct concepts that make us highly productive. We believe that this is our superpower.

Long Term over Short Term

We want our products and services to be used and appreciated for a very long time. This means sacrificing some short term gains and wait for the longer returns. We prioritize process over outcome and systems over targets. Thinking long term also leads us to asset creation along with delivery.

We providing implementation services for ERPNext, Vtiger CRM, Power BI and more solutions to keep your business moving. 

We offering our solutions to different sectors like manufacturing, distribution, retail, trading, services, education, non profits and healthcare.