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ERPNext Ethiopia have an experience and expert teams to providing ERPNext implementation, customization, training, hosting, integration and data migration to Small to Medium Enterprise

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Golive Solutions is an official partner for ERPNext in Ethiopia

We are providing ERPNext services as following: 

  1. Implementation: we help you to run ERPNext according to your business.
  2. Bug Fix Warranty: Get priority bug fix support from the core ERPNext Ethiopia team with the experience to ensure your systems run defect-free.
  3. Server Support: Get help from the Golive Solutions team in debugging server issues and incidents, related to scaling or backups or recovery.
  4. Product Support: Get your ERPNext queries answered by trained and experienced Golive Solutions Consultants.
  5. Upgrade Support: Get help while upgrading your ERPNext instance to the latest and greatest version.
  6. In App Support: Interact with ERPNext Ethiopia Consultants and keep track of open tickets from inside your instance.
  7. Security Alerts: Update your instance as soon as security issues are fixed before they become known publicly.

Golive Solutions Co.

For information about ERPNext you can visit

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So we specialize in customizations, upgrades & migrations, support, implementations as well as custom extension development.

Golive Solutions

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