Dynamic Fields
Data Validations to
Avoid Penalty
Zatca Compliant
XML Generation
Reporting through
Zatca Integration
KSA Cloud-Based
E-Invoice Storage
Minimal Changes in
Few Days
Easy Reconciliation of
VAT & E-Invoicing:

Dynamic Fields GUI-Map

Customize and map dynamic fields within the graphical user interface, allowing for flexible adaptation to specific business requirements and regulations. .

Seamless Integration

GoFatora is a standalone solution but can be seamlessly integrated with your existing ERP systems, such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Odoo, Sage, Infor, Epicor, ERPNext, and more. It's designed to enhance, not disrupt, your existing operations.

Data Validations to Avoid Penalty

Implement robust data validations to ensure compliance with Zatca regulations, minimizing the risk of penalties due to incorrect or incomplete invoicing data.

Device's registration

At the heart of the ZATCA E-Invoicing Phase 2 is the registration of GoFatora devices. GoFatora, a trusted and compliant electronic invoicing solution, plays a pivotal role in facilitating the transition to electronic invoicing. The registration process for GoFatora devices involves several key steps: Preparation and Documentation Application Submission Testing and Validation Issuance of Certification Implementation and Integration

Seamless Implementation in Few Days

Experience hassle-free implementation within a few days, thanks to a user-friendly interface and efficient deployment process, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Zatca Compliant XML Generation

Automatically generate Zatca-compliant XML files for e-invoices, ensuring adherence to regulatory standards and facilitating seamless submission to the Zatca system.

Reporting through Zatca Integration:

Access comprehensive reporting functionalities integrated with the Zatca system, providing insights into e-invoice submissions, compliance status, and transaction data.

KSA Cloud-Based E-Invoice Storage

Store e-invoices securely in the cloud, compliant with KSA regulations and accessible anytime, anywhere for easy retrieval and auditing purposes.

Minimal Changes in ERP or POS

Integrate seamlessly with existing ERP or POS systems with minimal configuration changes, ensuring smooth implementation and minimal disruption to business operations.

Easy Reconciliation of VAT & E-Invoicing:

Simplify the reconciliation process between VAT filings and e-invoices, streamlining financial reporting and ensuring accuracy in tax compliance. .

Accuracy / Compliance:

Ensure accuracy and compliance with Zatca regulations through automated validation checks and adherence to standardized e-invoicing protocols. .

Bulk E-Invoice Generation:

Generate e-invoices in bulk to handle high transaction volumes efficiently, saving time and resources while maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.