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SambaPOS for Your Restaurant

What is SambaPOS?

SambaPOS is the only Restaurant POS Software developed to help you run your business the way you want to. Advanced features give your business the tools to serve your customer’s needs.

Created for Your Restaurant



Print and split bills right from the table. With Tableside ordering food and drink orders are instantly sent to your kitchen display or printer.
Quick Service

Quick Service

We know time is money. Pre-orders and delivery services powered by google maps give you solutions for our fast paced mobile first world.

Cafe & Bar

Speed of service matters so we designed SambaPOS to be the fastest most reliable POS. SambaPOS does not depend on the internet to run.

Beach & Pool

Sambacard lets you offer custom membership cards so members can pay quickly without carrying cash.


Work with separate menus and prices, switch between them instantly. Use Caller ID and Twitter to take orders. We designed SambaPOS to grow with you.

Franchises & Chains

Manage multiple site locations with customized solutions built specifically for your business.

Stay One Step Ahead

We constantly add new features allowing us to help you stay up to date with the technology you need so your business can focus on what matters most, serving your customers.

Complete Customization

Create Stunning Menus with Photos of Your Food and More

Give your staff powerful tools to serve your customers. Use real photos of your food and create unlimited sub menus and order modifiers.

Advanced Reporting

Build Your Own Report

Think and imagine a report then begin to design it easily. You can create all reports you need. Follow your transactions, products and inventory. You can get operations report. Work with the combination of various reports all into one instead of going into each individual report.


Integrate your software with SambaPOS

By using GraphQL APP you can manage some features in SambaPOS. Change prices of products, get data for reports. Integration with ordering and payment systems are so easy and practical.

Why SambaPOS?

SambaPOS designed for making your restaurant more efficient. You can use and customize it easily according to your workflow.

– Improvement
– Ease of Use
– Flexibility
– Integration
– Customizable Screens & Reports


SambaPOS Screenshots


SambaPOS Screenshots