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Single Point of Contact to your Customer

Provides a single point of contact offering various forms of support and offers a comprehensive inbound solution that supports all customer service needs.

Handling any Number of Calls

Handling unexpected or higher-than-average calls which creates an opportunity for the customers’ business to build a stronger relationship with customers and exceed sales target with high quality customer service at a competitive price..

Different Inbound Services

Provides several services orders, requests  for catalogs, service setups, order processing, account inquire, product inquiries via phone, web, fax, mail, customer service , after sales support, sales lead qualification, advertising campaign support, reservations, handling complaints and information requests. 


We handle the following services:

       • Customer Service and After Sales Support

Assisting your customers through and after purchase by providing more information about your products and services and through after-sales follow ups and technical support.

       • Sales Lead Qualifications

Qualifying your leads so you can effectively direct your sales activities towards true prospects.

       • Order Processing

Managing and fulfilling your customer’s orders starting from the order receipt to order delivery.

       • Advertising Campaign Support

Launching your advertising campaign on your IVR and directing customers to the right channel to know more.

       • Reservations

Helping your customer make reservations and bookings by phone.

       • Complaint Handling

Dealing with customer complaints effectively and taking the required measurements to resolve their issues.

       • Information Requests

Providing your customer with required information on your company and educating them on your products and services.